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JetSurf PCB is a local family owned and operated business. The only location in Panama City Beach offering the opportunity to ride the fastest motorized surfboard in the world. Jetsurf boards can go up to 37 mph and offer an experience like no other water activity. JetSurf PCB Instructors will teach you how to operate the boards and show to ride. Then you are off to shredding across the water. Our location is ideal for you to learn and to enjoy jetsurfing around. We are located at JDF Marina, north side of the Hathaway Bridge on HWY 98. You have access to a huge Bay Area with calmer waters and low boat traffic. This is an adventure you do not want to pass up on.



Panama City Beach is now offering academy lessons for the newest and most exciting sport on Planet Earth - JetSurf!

Now you can try JetSurfing for yourself for a very affordable price and experience the feeling of shredding across the water at speeds of up to 37 mph.

  #1 water adventure activity

   Skilled trainers

  Amazing JetSurf spot




Rebecca Smith

Rebecca was raised along the gulf coast in a military family. Her family landed in Panama City Beach in the early 90’s and decided it would be their future home town. Returning in 1999 just before Rebecca started high school, it has been Home to her ever since. Passionate about any activity involving the water; swimming, diving, surfing, wakeboarding, fishing, etc. Rebecca became captivated by Jet Surf and now is excited to share her passion with others looking to experience the thrill! Rebecca would also like to dive deeper into understanding the engineering & mechanics of Jet Surf.


Josh Smith

Josh grew up working on Panama City Beach. He has just about done it all, parasailing, chair rentals, jet skis, catamarans, charter fishing, etc. Josh is an avid water sportsman, enjoying the large range of water sports available in PCB. He became hooked on Jet Surf after the first ride and that passion led to investing in bringing Jet Surf to Panama City Beach. Although the majority of Josh’s time is spent on his automotive industry career, he would much prefer to be on the water. Josh uses all of his free time to share his water sport enthusiasm with others.

Smith Kids


All four members of “The Crew” were born right here in Panama City. They have grown up being on jet skis, boats, boards, and just being in the water as much as possible. Each one has an individual preference for how to spend time in or on the water, but they all LOVE JetSurf and are stoked to help you learn to ride. The crew is great at helping you with gear or giving tips on riding. Plus, they have great smiles!

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Give us a call at +1 (850) 832-9367 or visit our FAQ page.